I thought

  I am now in a crisis of personal and life values. Not necesarily of what my values are but how i get to meet people with the same values and still thrive in this fucked up world.
  There was a time when i was sure of the fact that i have to look strong and intimidant and cool and without a fuck to give about anything or anyone to be attractive. Also, i was sure that having "bitch resting face" or looking and acting like nothing could ever please me at all or at least please me enough would make me look cool and make people swarm around me like bees. I thought that looking "proffesional" and always being "well dressed" and looking upon a social status that is as high as it gets was the way to be, was all i needed in life to be happy and liked and apreciated and respected.
  The problem with these things is that i always tried so hard to be this way, it was actually a burden that i thought was normal, "i was maturing", that's how mature, cool people act, right? WRONG.
  A couple of years ago, two maybe or three, i started shifting to what i am now and even though i realised that already, now i have a revelation. I was acting the oposite of what i am, it was hard because it was all total make-belive and it was so far away from me.
  I realised that being good and kind and nurturing is what makes you human and to really radiate with true beauty, that being warm and welcomimg and content with who you trully are is the way to be, that you should care of everyone if that's how you feel and that you really should let your clothes express how you feel about your self, about this world, about everything if you want to. Being warm and kind is not uncool, it's the most beautiful way a person can be. Love should be the new cool language, not ignorance. People that matter lastly remember and respect you, if they do, not for how you look or appear to be, but for what you are as a whole and for how you make them feel.
I just thought then, but now i think and feel and that is the best thing that people cand do, feel, be compassonate, be empathetic, use these beautiful abilities, because no job in the world and no status and no VIPs in any domain ever compare to the beauty of the naturalness and the feeling of being free in your very soul.    None of these things are worth our humanity and right of just be ourselves.

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