What if...

To see how my weird mind works, just the other day, while doing an introspection about change and my life and actions up until this point, one thought led to another and something came to me:
What if scientific evolution, psychology and spirituality are not oposed but beautifully interwind?
The theory of evolution is that we evolved from other life forms; from single cells, to monkeys to us.
The theory of reincarnation is that we evolve through more life formes, our souls being reborn again and again and again, untill we achieve the ultimate completion of higher counciousness.
Here comes psychology saying that there is a collective uncounciousness, with a kind of knowledge inheited through years of evolution that we can access and that influence us in our behaviour.
Also, it tells us that dreams are in fact simbolic messages from our unconcious mind meant to help us balance ourselves, or to show us what we repress; a theory that is slightly diffrent, but valid in the spiritual world: dreams are messages from god/angels/the universe, meant to help us, or even forsee further experiences.
But what if:
The collective uncounciousness that we have is because we have reincarnated lots of times, the physical evolved together with the soul, so they both have tremendous knowledge about life, adaptability, behaviour, physcal function, etc and actually our soul, working with or maybe even beig our unconcious mind  knows all the information from the lives that were lived by it, hence the messages of the dreams, that may be from one's soul(here in the role of the unconcious mind). So from here the soul can either be the actual expression of the universe/god itself, as a force, or directly tied to it, sooo our unconcious minds can actually be the expression of the divine itself=>universal force = one's soul = unconcious mind. 

I should be studying... 

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